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Name:Anima Echoed
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Answering The Call
Anima Echoed is a panfandom micro-game geared towards Fantasy and Adventure, as well as character development and PC-driven story lines. It is also heavily inspired by Dragon Called, a prior game on Dreamwidth.

With the blessings of four guardian beasts and an elemental crystal, characters can hatch, raise, and tame a creature that shares and grants magic abilities. While the mountain city Haven acts as a home base, characters can explore the world. They may discover old secrets of the world, develop their magic, go on quests, encounter various creatures, and help restore a land out of balance.
Something has happened, be it you taking your last breath surrounded by loved ones, or you stood in horror as all you know has come to a violent and sudden end, or perhaps you just felt as if there is so much more for you out there deep within your soul.

‘There’s a balance that has been knocked askew and we ask for you to exist and live a life within our home so it can be set to right.’

It’s dark and echoing wherever you are now. Then there’s light, small pinpricks scattered everywhere as if the universe of stars has surrounded you. Constantly swirling in odd patterns that may be shapes or words that seem dear to you as you walk on.

Before you are five paths all with something waiting at the end. Each path different in many ways. The first seems to be made of metal and the sounds of combat echo along it. The second is like sand but the shifting grains are actually words and the murmurs of conversation floats past you. The third path crackles with energy and the clang of tools tinkering. The fourth flows like water and ripples with the sound of prayers. And a fifth beneath your feet seems to unravel and remake itself as you look at it leading into a shadowy uncertainty. One path calls you insistently and you can’t help but follow it.

‘ us…’

You wake up in a city that isn’t familiar at all, clothed in leathers or cloth of a style one would expect to find in any medieval setting. And in your grasp or tugging at your heart is an egg, waiting for you.

This is your new life now, and the creature within your egg is you in a way. A piece of you that you must teach and nurture for the better cared for this life is, the stronger the magic you have will become.

Welcome to Haven. Will you settle for a simple life within the city? Or will you set out into the wilds and ruins to find the true answers of this land and the reason for you being here? As the voice in your dream has said, there is a path waiting for you, and a balance to right.
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